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JM-ZG stainless steel ingredient storage tank

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Application: water treatment

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316L 304 vertical single-layer liquid distribution tank features: 1. This series of containers have heating and insulation functions, and are manufactured, tested and accepted in accordance with "Technical Conditions for Steel Welded Containers". 2. Our company can undertake the manufacture and processing of Class I and II pressure vessels. 3. The volume has 10L ~ 10000L and other models for you to choose, and can also be designed and processed according to the actual needs of customers. 4. The container insulation material adopts high-temperature and anti-aging pearl cotton insulation. 5. The interface adopts the international standard fast-loading chuck type, the inner liner material is imported 316L or 304, the inner surface is mirror polished Ra0. 28um, and the outer surface is matte or imported 304 mirror panel. 6.The tank has a liquid level gauge, air breathing port, thermometer, inlet liquid circulation pump ...

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