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FT-X electronic smoke purifier

发布时间: 2016-02-15 08:53 Popularity: 69599 Published time: 2016-02-15 08:53

Keywords: electronic smoke purifier

Product model: FT-X

Application: Atmospheric control

Product price: 2300

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1.( 烟尘 + 有毒有害废气 ),→ 初效过滤(大颗粒氧化物) 中效过滤(约 50 微米的颗粒氧化物) 高效过滤(约 0.3 微米的微小颗粒氧化物), 活性碳过滤(吸附有毒有害废气) 洁净的空气。 Purification principle of soldering smoke purifier equipment: 1. ( smoke + toxic and harmful exhaust gas ), → primary effect filtration (large particle oxide) intermediate effect filtration (about 50 micron particulate oxide) high efficiency filtration (about 0.3 micron Oxides of tiny particles), activated carbon filtration (adsorption of toxic and harmful exhaust gases) clean air. The device is a built-in filtration and circulation system, and the purified air does not need to be discharged to the outside. It can be recycled with indoor air to reduce air circulation.

Soldering fume is a big hazard, there are experts to solve the root cause

是针对 焊接、激光打标、激光雕刻等加工过程中产生的烟雾和粉尘 需处理而设计的轻便高效的锡焊烟雾处理设备,适用于 焊接、激光打标、激光雕刻等 作业时产生的烟雾 ;操作者长时间在高浓度烟尘、粉尘烟气、油雾环境下工作,吸入过量有毒物质,将会引起头痛、恶心、哮喘、慢性支气管炎等症状,严重影响身体健康的同时也影响正常生产,泛泰环保生产的设备在此背景下应运而生。 Soldering fume processing equipment is a lightweight and efficient soldering fume processing equipment designed for processing smoke and dust generated during welding, laser marking, and laser engraving . It is suitable for welding, laser marking, laser engraving and other operations. Smoke generated from time to time; Operators work in high-concentration smoke, dust, and oil mist environments for a long time . Inhaling excessive toxic substances will cause headaches, nausea, asthma, chronic bronchitis and other symptoms, which will seriously affect physical health. It also affects normal production, and Pantech environmentally-friendly production equipment came into being under this background.


First, the advantages of solder fume purifier equipment

、烟雾过滤一体化结构设计,安装简便,移动灵活,无需铺设吸烟管道。 1. Smoke filter integrated structure design, easy installation, flexible movement, no need to lay smoking pipes.

、大功率直流无刷电机,寿命长,噪音小,产生较高空气流量。 2. High-power DC brushless motor, long life, low noise and high air flow.

、烟雾过滤三重过滤设计确保滤除烟雾中有害物质,保护人体安全。 3 , smoke filter triple filter design to ensure the removal of harmful substances in the smoke to protect human safety.

、内置式烟雾过滤循环空气过滤方式避免将室内冷气 / 暖气排到室外。 4. The built-in smoke filter circulation air filtering method avoids indoor air / heating to be discharged to the outdoors.

、多风量可调, PPR 材质柔性吸烟臂调节自如, 360 度自由悬停,有效治理烟尘。 5. Adjustable multi-air volume, flexible smoking arm made of PPR material, freely hovering, 360- degree free hover, effective control of smoke and dust.


Application range of soldering smoke purifier

能有效地净化治理在锡焊接、激光打标、激光雕刻等加工过程中产生的烟雾和粉尘,同时对其中的有毒有害的气体和粉尘,如碳氢化合物等起到吸附和彻底过滤的效果,防止环境污染。 The Pantech welding fume purifier can effectively purify and treat the smoke and dust generated during the soldering, laser marking, laser engraving and other processing processes, and at the same time, it adsorbs toxic and harmful gases and dusts, such as hydrocarbons. And thorough filtering effect to prevent environmental pollution.


Three, solder fume purifier specifications

Equipment model

m3/h Air volume m3 / h

Kw Power Kw

V Voltage V

mm Size mm





260 * 360 * 450





260 * 360 * 450


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