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Rainwater Reuse / Rainwater Reuse-Rainwater Collection System

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Keywords: water treatment equipment

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Application: water treatment

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At present, there are two types of international use of water: the first is the use of natural water resources, including glaciers, rivers, lakes, oceans, and rainwater. Among them, the use of rainwater has become the most common and environmentally friendly method in the world. The second is the reuse of reclaimed water, which is used again after the domestic sewage has been treated.
The TSWR water reuse system is based on Japanese rainwater utilization and reclaimed water reuse technologies, and created a new concept of rainwater collection. At the same time, combined with the company's other system technologies, it provides a reasonable and practical new concept for water recycling. The system is mainly composed of sedimentation device, purification device, filtration device, underground reservoir and so on. For more details, please see the company's homepage:

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