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2019 South China Regional VOCs Comprehensive Governance and Monitoring Technology Summit Forum

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Meeting details
Exhibition Name: 2019 South China Regional VOCs Comprehensive Management and Monitoring Technology Summit Forum
Development time: 2019-09-18
End time: 2019-09-18
Exhibition Hall : China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall

[Conference Background]
On September 18th, 2019, the “China Southern Import and Export Fair” Pazhou Exhibition Hall will hold the “Southern Region's Largest Environmental Protection Exhibition” at the China Environmental Expo (Guangzhou) and hold the “South China Key Industry VOCs Comprehensive Governance and Monitoring Technology Summit Forum” ".

Meeting time, place, scale <br /> Time: September 18, 2019 Venue: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall Scale: 200 people

1. User units such as petrochemical enterprises, packaging and printing enterprises, and pharmaceutical companies;
2. Environmental protection companies such as environmental protection engineering companies, environmental protection technology companies, environmental protection equipment companies, environmental protection consulting companies, and monitoring equipment companies;
3. Relevant management units, academic research units, environmental protection research institutes, engineering construction units, related industry associations and other related units.

[Meeting schedule]

10: 00-10: 05 Host introduces guests
10: 05-10: 35 Comprehensive treatment plan of volatile organic compounds in Guangdong Province
10: 35-11: 05 Interpretation of VOCs emission standards in key industries
11: 05-11: 35 The fourth-generation RTO-single-cylinder multi-valve regenerative oxidation furnace
11: 35-12: 05 Monitoring and early warning of risk sources and safety operation and maintenance in the design of organic gas recovery and treatment engineering
12: 05-13: 30 lunch
13: 30-13: 55 VOCs acceptance monitoring and monitoring equipment installation and operation and maintenance
13: 55-14: 20 Analysis of VOCs governance process design and operation and maintenance management points
14: 20-14: 45 VOCs governance effect and economic analysis
14: 45-15: 10 VOC governance resources technology and case
15: 10-15: 35 Discussion on common problems of runner + rto process design and equipment maintenance
15: 35-16: 00 Discussion on VOCs catalytic combustion technology and catalyst common problems

[Conference fee]


Volatile Organic Compounds Pollution Control Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences National Engineering Laboratory of Volatile Organic Compound Pollution Control Technology and Equipment
Organizer: Guteng Environmental Protection Network

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Guteng Environmental Network

Phone: 010-65812031

Mobile phone: 13581565096

Email: 13581565096@163.com

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